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Our spectacular trips into the rainforest introduce the visitor to the complex system of rivers, tropical lagoons, swamps and flooded areas. The abundant aquatic and land habitats are home of fresh water dolphins and turtles, anacondas, crocodiles, monkeys, ocelots, sloth and birds such as hoatzins, toucans, arras and kingfishers. A huge range of vegetation flourishes in this tropical rainforest: plants such as palms, bromeliads, ceibos, helicons and orchids are frequently seen. Join our fascinating cultural and adventure tours into the mysterious green world of the Amazon rainforest; chose from our selection of lodges and tours all providing unique adventures in the Ecuadorian rainforests including tours into the national reserves of Cuyabeno and Yasuni and explore the amazingly diverse tropical flora and fauna whilst travelling through the Amazon basin in Ecuador.

Cuyabeno Tours

A network of tributaries stem from Cuyabeno’s Rio Aguarico and Rio Cuyabeno and parades of wildlife follow the rivers as they flow into the reserve’s 14 lagoons. Watch out for giant armadillos, freshwater dolphins, tapirs, monkeys, land tortoises and parrots. The flora blooms and thrives from joltingly colorful fruits and splashy flowers to enormous green leaves and fronds. The park also encloses the homelands of various Indigenous communities, such as the Siona, Secoya and Shuar.

Lower Rio Napo Tours

Along the lower Rio Napo are nature reserves, mission towns and the immense Yasuni National Park located. From small comfortable lodges you can start your exploration of this river country, with the Tiputini, Nashiño, Cononaco, Yasuni and other tributaries coursing through the park’s enormous expanse. Explore the major habitats of dry land, sometimes-flooded land and always-flooded land and watch out for their many habitants: boa constrictors, alligators, jaguars, parrots, toucans, piranhas, monkeys and sloths are just a few of the animals that share Yasuni’s abundance.

Upper Rio Napo Tours

The area along the upper Rio Napo provides a perfect opportunity to get a first glimpse of the dense rainforest without departing from civilization. You can drive to most of the lodges, though sometimes a short canoe ride for the last tranche of the journey is necessary. Most tours include canoe excursions as well as exploratory hikes passing waterfalls and squadrons of birds. Learn about the many medicinal plants of the rainforest and how to use them and listen to the jungle relaxing in your hammock after a long day of exploration.

Rainforest Expeditions

These tours are for the adventurous people only! The expeditions lead you to the more isolated areas and deep-jungle communities. These still-untamed regions are home to some of the most isolated indigenous communities and densest biodiversity in the world. In order to get that far away from civilization the journeys include flights with small aircrafts or long canoe rides. We recommend everybody going on one of these adventure tours emphatically to plan with a reserve day or two after the trip as weather, river and path conditions may delay the return!

Rainforest Cruises

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